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Village Mansfield - Saturday January 27th 2018



Join Lost Ghost Nights as we investigate the maze of rooms that sprawl out under this old slaughterhouse built in 1787.

This location has quickly gained a reputation for a great place to investigate due to the amount of activity and evidence captured by guests. It is one of our favourite locations and is known as a paranormal investigators dream.  Join us as we descend into the pitch black warren of rooms, corridors and hallways that cover its whole history. Experience the oppressive atmosphere whilst investigating this unnerving maze of rooms. 

Your event includes the following:

    • A welcome meet and greet meeting;
    • A health and safety briefing;
    • A guided tour of the location with a brief history (with the lights on!);
    • A group vigil in one of the most active locations with our team mediums;
    • Smaller intimate vigils in your groups with a maximum of only 5 people per group;
    • A paranormal equipment vigil where we let you try out all the most advanced paranormal investigation equipment including a FLIR E40 thermal camera, night vision camera's, UV Spectrum video and photo, Mel meters, K2 Metres, EVP recorders and more;
    •  A traditional vigil where we will try old methods including Ouija boards with our mediums, a Victorian seance, table tipping and trigger object experiments;
    • Lone vigils and free time. We give you a chance to explore on your own. We also offer a lone vigil for the bravest!
    • Full complimentary tea, coffee, soup, water and light snacks;
    • A full high street prepared sandwich platter served half way through the night for the peckish.

    The Village in Mansfield is a grade 1 listed building set in the heart of Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. It has a long history and has been various things since it was built in 1787. It was originally built as a slaughterhouse but during its long history it has also been a malt house and was then left empty and deserted for years. Eventually, the building was reopened and turned into a nightclub until 2001 when it again was left empty. It reopened in 2013 as a laser tag event.

    There are numerous reports of hauntings at this location and it is now getting the reputation as a very haunted location indeed. The ghostly goings-on include a full-bodied apparition seen by multiple eyewitnesses who were painting the location in 2013 for its reopening. All the eyewitnesses swore they saw a full-bodied apparition even though the CCTV didn't pick it up. One of the ghosts reported is alleged to be a Mr Merryweather who was the owner of the malthouses until he died in 1835. There is also the name Catherine which has been picked up on by many groups whilst here who was allegedly murdered with her child at the Village. The sounds of cries have been heard coming from the lower rooms. There are various other reports including a piano that plays on its own and reports of ghostly prisoners who were kept on-site who dislike visitors to the Village. 

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