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Morecambe Winter Gardens - Friday 8th June 2018



Join Lost Ghost Nights as we investigate one of our favourite places, the huge and spooky Morecambe Winter Gardens.

This location has always been one of our favourites. We have experienced doors opening, strange lights, voices and guests have even spotted the dark figure of a man. Join us as we hold vigils on the stage where people like Laurel and Hardy and George Formby performed. Explore the upper balconies and boxes were society once sat and enjoyed the shows but are now dark, empty and very spooky. Descend into the pitch black warren of rooms, corridors and hallways that spread out in the basement and lower floors under the stage. 

Your event includes the following:

    • A welcome meet and greet meeting;
    • A health and safety briefing;
    • A guided tour of the location with a history talk by one of the location historians;
    • A group vigil in one of the most active locations with our team mediums;
    • Smaller intimate vigils in your groups with a maximum of only 5 people per group;
    • A paranormal equipment vigil where we let you try out all the most advanced paranormal investigation equipment including a FLIR E40 thermal camera, night vision camera's, UV Spectrum video and photo, Mel meters, K2 Metres, EVP recorders and more;
    • A traditional vigil where we will try old methods including Ouija boards with our mediums, a Victorian seance, table tipping and trigger object experiments;
    • Lone vigils and free time. We give you a chance to explore on your own. We also offer a lone vigil for the bravest!
    • Full complimentary tea, coffee, soup, water and light snacks;
    • A full high street prepared sandwich platter served half way through the night for the peckish.


    The Victoria Pavilion Theatre was built in 1897 as part of an existing complex. Dating from 1878, the original complex included seawater baths, bars and a ballroom. In the 1950's, the Winter Gardens were taken over by Moss Empires, however declining profits in the following decades led to its closure in 1977. Although the theatre building that remains today was listed the same year, the ballroom building was demolished in 1982.

    In 2008, as part of an appraisal of the Morecambe Conservation Area, the Winter Gardens were listed as one of the area's most significant features, as the main example of the remnants of the resort’s nineteenth-century entertainment buildings. In 2008, the Winter Gardens were featured on the tenth series of the ghost hunting show Most Haunted. They returned in October 2009, when the Winter Gardens was opened to the public as the live audience venue for the eight consecutive nights of the Most Haunted Live broadcast on which the medium for the whole 8 nights was Chris Conway.

    One of the most haunted locations in the whole building is reported to the be the stage and auditorium. There have been countless reports of people either on the stage performing or working in the wings having been pushed, slapped and poked by an unseen dark force. There are also tales of a dressmaker who dreamed of one day becoming a dancer on the stage and tragically never lived out her dream is still haunting the theatre. There is a story of a lady who was seen arguing with her partner at an event during the heyday of the theatre in the early 1900's who mysteriously fell down the marble staircase and broke her neck. It was said to be an accident but the apparition of the lady has been seen on the stairs and cold spots felt. The chandelier that hangs nearby has been reported to be found swinging wildly when no one is around or any doors or windows open. There is also a reported apparition of a man and young boy seen running up in the upper balconies and voices and whistling have been reported from this area.

    We personally have experienced with our guest's strange lights and a ladies voice, as well as footsteps and loud bangs, caught on camera. We have also experienced extreme cold spots, EVP's and filmed a door in the upstairs bar unlatching itself and opening in front of us when we were the only two people in the building.

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