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Jedburgh Castle & Jail - Saturday 22nd September 2018



Join Lost Ghost Nights as we investigate this amazing location steeped in history and full of sightings of apparitions.

Investigate the grounds, the old jailor's house and museum, the cell blocks including the infamous male cell block and exercise yard. We will spend time in the cells where poltergeist activity is rife and people have experienced a lot of strange activity. Walk the exercise yard where people have died in wars and executions and hopefully hear the infamous piper.

There are only 20 available places for the bravest individuals who dare to join us in this spooky location.

Your event includes the following:

    • A welcome meet and greet meeting;
    • A health and safety briefing;
    • A tour of the buildings, museum and grounds;
    • A group vigil in one of the most active locations with our team mediums;
    • Smaller intimate vigils;
    • A paranormal equipment vigil where we let you try out all the most advanced paranormal investigation equipment including a FLIR thermal camera, night vision camera's, UV Spectrum video and photo, Mel meters, K2 Metres, EVP recorders and more;
    • A traditional vigil where we will try old methods including Ouija boards with our mediums, a Victorian seance, table tipping and trigger object experiments;
    • Lone vigils and free time. We give you a chance to explore on your own. We also offer a lone vigil for the bravest!
    • Full complimentary tea, coffee, soup, water and sandwiches; 

The jail has a long and bloody history. It was a borders fort during the wars between the Scottish and English and was the site of many battles and changed hands several times. The castle fort was razed in 1409 and the current jail was built on its foundations in 1823. The jail was designed by Archibald Elliott and was a Howard Reform Prison named after John Howard, who was a social reformist. The jail was considered a role model for other jails around the UK and Empire. It was closed in 1868 and prisoners moved to the much larger jail in Edinburgh. It remained closed with only its ghost roaming the corridors and cells for nearly a century. It was restored and opened to the public in 1964 as the Jedburgh Jail and Museum.

Jedburgh Jail has had several accounts of ghostly activity over many years. It is unusual in it has several accounts of full-bodied apparitions having been seen. They include a jailer walking along slamming cell doors, prisoners who were executed, men in full battle outfits and event a piper stood playing on the battlements. 

The old jail made national news in 2005 when a paranormal investigation team experienced extreme poltergeist activity. This led Most Haunted to investigate and make an episode during series 11 of the programme. 

One of the ghosts is reported to Edwin McArthur who was a prisoner and executed at the old jail in 1855. He is said to be a particularly nasty spirit who is responsible for the dark, foreboding atmosphere in one block of the jail. 

The exercise yard has also been active in the past and people have seen and heard a lone piper and the sounds of battle from beyond the wall in the graveyard.

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