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Hell House Skegness - Friday 22nd June 2018


Join Lost Ghost Nights as we investigate and spend the night at this location quickly becoming famous for its poltergeist activity - The Hell House in Skegness.

This is one of our X-Treme Events and only for the bravest of ghost hunters. You will be at this location with only 10 people, just like something out of a scary movie. This is no-frills ghost hunting at its rawest.

This house is situated on a normal street and looks like any house on the estate until you get close. It has a dark and scary feel about even from the outside. Inside it is a different story. It has fast become a favourite and people have witnessed firsthand poltergeist activity including objects moving and being thrown and doors opening and slamming. There is a very angry spirit said to reside here and its presence makes itself known often. The brave people who have stayed here have reported seeing the presence move around and stare back at them out of the mirror. This is just one of the several reported spirits who reside here. 

Join us as we investigate the house with our medium and experienced team investigator. There are only 10 available places for the bravest individuals who dare to join us.

Your event includes the following:

    • A welcome meet and greet meeting;
    • A health and safety briefing;
    • A group vigil in one of the most active locations with our team mediums;
    • Smaller intimate vigils within the location;
    • A paranormal equipment vigil where we let you try out all the most advanced paranormal investigation equipment including a FLIR E40 thermal camera, night vision camera's, UV Spectrum video and photo, Mel meters, K2 Metres, EVP recorders and more;
    • A traditional vigil where we will try old methods including Ouija boards with our mediums, a Victorian seance, table tipping and trigger object experiments;
    • Lone vigils and free time. We give you a chance to explore on your own. We also offer a lone vigil for the bravest!
    • Full complimentary tea, coffee, soup, water and light snacks;

Like most places in the area, the land the house was built on can trace settlements back to the time of the Romans. The current owner of the house is still alive and hasn't lived there for a number of years due to ill health. However, when they did reside at the house they constantly heard and saw things that defied explanation. The owner's friends and family and unsuspecting visitors disliked visiting and often stated they felt as though they were being watched and experienced strange smells and sights.

There is a passed down history of one of the previous owners hanging themselves in the attic of the house. Also, long before the house was famous for being haunted and investigated, previous owners found books and paraphernalia relating to witches, witchcraft and Devil worship in one of the upstairs rooms.

No one can know for sure what has happened at this event in the past but join us on your night as we try and communicate with the spirits and shed more light on this dark location.

If you have booked on our event you will have received a confirmation email when your invoice was paid in full. On there is your password to access the event information screen. Please click the link below to get all your information:


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