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Grand Pavilion Matlock Bath - Friday December 8th 2017


Dare to join us at our new location, the Grand Pavilion Matlock Bath in Derbyshire?

It is well known locally as one of the most haunted buildings in Derbyshire, the 106-year-old building is a hotbed of paranormal activity. Join us as we investigate the hallways, basement, stage area, theatre and domed roof in search of ghostly activity.

This is a new location, so be sure to reserve your place quickly!

Our resident mediums who has worked with Chris Conway will rotate and spend a vigil with each group and we will take part in experiments such as Ouija boards and séances. 

We will have a full array of equipment on site for guests to use including Night Vision camera's, UV Spectrum video and photo, Mel meters, K2 Metres, EVP recorders along with traditional experiments like table tipping, glass divination, séances and Ouija spirit boards.

The ticket price includes;

  • A walk around the building;
  • Resident Mediums who have worked with Chris Conway in attendance;
  • Guided vigils with full access to the whole location including places normally closed to the public;
  • Lone vigils in the most active locations; 
  • Free time to explore;
  • Hot drinks, refreshments, snacks and sandwiches.

Built in 1910 on the site of the old stables which once belonged to the Fishpond Hotel, the Grand Pavilion was once called the Kursel. It was built by the community, for the community, to provide a welcome meeting place and entertainment venue for locals and the many tourists visiting Matlock Bath as a result of its natural thermal springs, caverns and local Peak District attractions. Over the years the building has played host to many different and varied types of entertainment such as theatres, dances and tea rooms. It showed patriotic films and held war effort fund raising dances concerts during the Second World War. More recently it has been used as a concert venue and a nightclub. The building is now owned by the Friends of the Pavilion Group, a charity whose sole purpose is to return the building back to its former glory.

Like most old buildings with history, the Grand Pavilion tells a great paranormal story, well known in the local area for its mysterious hauntings. The owners have conducted many paranormal investigations and have come across various spirits and entities including those of children running around the corridors, a mysterious and unpleasant entity in the cellar area and a malevolent spirit residing under the stage. In the Dome at the very top of the building lurks the poltergeist spirits believe to be two workmen who were killed when the Pavilion was being built and who are known to throw and break things. In addition to these, there have been reports of unexplained footsteps, voices and sounds and several mysterious shadows, veils of mist and orbs reported all around the building.

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