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30 East Drive - Friday 4th May 2018


Join Lost Ghost Nights as we investigate and spend the whole nights at the infamous house in Pontefract, 30 East Drive.

Investigate the house for a whole 15 hours with our medium and experienced team investigator.

There are only 8 available places for the bravest individuals who dare to join us.

This average looking semi detached house in a quiet estate looks very normal and unassuming from the outside. Inside it is a different story. It has gone down in local folklore as the haunt of the infamous Black Monk and the poltergeist activity experienced by the Pritchard family who fled in the 1970's. It has spawned books and a Hollywood movie, "When the lights went out". It has featured in numerous Paranormal TV shows such as Most Haunted and Paranormal Lockdown.

There is not much more to be said about this infamous location other than come and experience it for yourself!

Your event includes the following:

    • A welcome meet and greet meeting;
    • A health and safety briefing;
    • A group vigil in one of the most active locations with our team mediums;
    • Smaller intimate vigils with only 8 guests in the location;
    • A paranormal equipment vigil where we let you try out all the most advanced paranormal investigation equipment including a FLIR E40 thermal camera, night vision camera's, UV Spectrum video and photo, Mel meters, K2 Metres, EVP recorders and more;
    • A traditional vigil where we will try old methods including Ouija boards with our mediums, a Victorian seance, table tipping and trigger object experiments;
    • Lone vigils and free time. We give you a chance to explore on your own. We also offer a lone vigil for the bravest!
    • Fresh vegetarian and meat pizza delivered on the night;
    • Breakfast sandwiches provided in the morning;
    • Full complimentary tea, coffee, soup, water and light snacks;

Jean, Joe, Phillip (15) and Diane (12) Pritchard moved into Number 30 East Drive, Pontefract in August 1966. Almost immediately, during the hot summer Bank Holiday, Phillip and his Grandmother first witnessed a baffling phenomenon – a fine layer of chalk-like dust falling not from the ceiling, but from a level below head height.

In an effort to clean up before Phillip’s holidaying parents returned, Mrs Kelly (Phillip’s Aunt who had been fetched by her mother to observe the falling dust) went to the kitchen for some cleaning implements, whereupon she slipped on a pool of water that had mysteriously appeared. Her efforts to mop up the water were thwarted by more pools appearing on the linoleum in front of her and Phillip’s very eyes.

This was the beginning of several years of incredible, inexplicable events; green foam appearing from taps and toilet even after the water was turned off, the tea dispenser being activated resulting in all the dried tea cascading onto the work surface, lights being turned off and on, plants leaping out of their pots and landing on the stairs, cupboards shaking violently, photographs being slashed with a sharp knife and an endless list of levitating and thrown objects – including a solid oak sideboard.

Ordinarily, poltergeists aren’t known for causing grievous bodily harm, and although Fred caused a few bruises and scrapes and a lot of heart-stopping scares, in particular to Diane – seemingly the focus of the haunting – it is rare for a poltergeist to become excessively violent and cause physical harm. But in the case of Fred, that indeed became the case. Late on in his residency, when both Phillip and Diane were beginning to exit adolescence, the activity reached a new climactic height with Diane’s long hair suddenly standing on its end, followed by her being dragged kicking and screaming up the stairs, an event that left her seriously traumatised and with clearly visible finger marks on her throat.

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