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Terms and Conditions

TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF LOST GHOST NIGHTS LTD (hereafter referred to as "LGN") and the booking party (hereafter referred to as the "client(s)")

Your use of this site and the information, content, and services available through the site are subject to the following Terms & Conditions ("Terms"), which may be updated by us from time to time without notice to you.​ By purchasing a ticket and receiving confirmation of the ticket, the client(s) agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions and has entered into a legally binding contact with Lost Ghost Nights Ltd enforceable by Law in the Law Courts of England and Wales. Lost Ghost Nights Ltd is a registered company with companies house registered in England 09824506.

No client(s) under the age of 18 years of age are permitted to attend any events with Lost Ghost Nights Ltd. LGN reserves the right to ask for proof of age of guests if they feel appropriate. No one under the age of 18 is covered by our insurance policy and any guests found to be under age will be completely excluded from any cover provided and LGN will not be liable for any damage or injury that may arise.

We ask that client(s) act in a responsible manner and respect the event location and the needs of other client(s). As a lot of events are carried out in darkness, we ask client(s) not to act in a way that may cause harm or injury to themselves or other client(s). Due the finish time and location of events we ask our client(s) to leave quickly and quietly to cause minimal disruption to nearby residents.

Unfortunately, due to the restrictions at our locations and insurance, heavily pregnant women are not allowed on any LGN event.

All client(s) attending an event must be in reasonable good health. Due to the nature of the events and locations, client(s) with an existing medical condition or have an excessive nervous nature are advised not to attend. If you have any mobility issues and will find walking, climbing stairs, uneven floors, moving in the dark or standing for any length time difficult, we advise not to attend. We suggest that client(s) bring a comfortable cushion to sit on during vigils and breaks, if they wish to.

Due to the conditions and age of some of the locations, sadly not all events are suitable for client(s) with disabilities. Whilst we endeavour to make all locations as accessible as possible it is not always feasible. If you have any specific questions on a location/event, please email info@lostghostnights.co.uk

Please check individual event listings for wheelchair accessibility.

LGN operates a strict no alcohol or drugs policy and they are not permitted on any event whatsoever. If any client(s) appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs or is suspected or caught bringing either alcohol or drugs to an event they will be immediately removed from the location regardless of weather conditions and/or travel arrangements and no refund will be given. The only exception to the above rule is if the event is a dinner event or supper and a limited amount of alcohol will be permitted. We ask that this is observed sensibly and in moderation and use the drink driving limit as guidance. If client(s) do consume alcohol on a dinner event or supper, LGN will not be liable for any accident or mishap that may arise as a result.

LGN operates a strict no smoking policy inside all our events and locations. We adhere to all smoking laws and the terms and conditions of the event locations. All naked flames are strictly prohibited inside our locations including but not restricted to candles, matches and lighters. LGN will not be using any form of naked flame for illumination purposes. Should you wish to smoke, you are allowed to in the designated areas which will be advised on the evening of the event. Any client(s) breaching the above will be immediately removed from the location regardless of weather conditions and/or travel arrangements and no refund will be given.

Unless otherwise stated on an event listing on the LGN website, there are no sleeping facilities at our events. The terms and conditions for our overnight stay at the Black Bull can be found here: Black Bull Overnight Terms and Conditions.

Due to the lateness and finish time of the events, LGN strongly suggests that client(s) make their own arrangements with travel home. We suggest if you feel you will be too tired to drive that you book into a local hotel or guest house prior to the event. Driving when tired is dangerous and can kill. If you need any help with regards to local hotels or guest houses, please email info@lostghostnights.co.uk

LGN endeavour to ensure that the time spent at the event location is as per the times specified when booking. However, if there is a legitimate reason or a reason beyond the control of LGN, we reserve the right to finish an event earlier than specified. If this is the case, no refund will be offered.

Due to the nature of some of the event locations, they can be very cold and in some instances occur in the open and be subject to the weather conditions on the night. It is the client(s) responsibility to ensure they bring suitable clothing and footwear for different weather conditions. If the weather conditions are too severe, LGN reserves the right to move the event indoors. In very rare severe weather conditions LGN reserves the right to cancel an event. As much notice as is possible will be given to the client(s) prior to travelling to the event location. If LGN are unable to reach an event location then it will be deemed dangerous and inaccessible and will be therefore cancelled.

LGN as part of our events experience often provides 3rd party entertainment from medium Chris Conway or historian and ghost guide Simon Entwistle. If either of the entertainers or any other act/entertainment is unable to attend, LGN will provide an alternative team medium and/or historian. LGN reserves the right for the event to proceed and no refunds or liability will be accepted for the non attendance of any advertised 3rd party act.

Client(s) agree that they are attending an event at their own risk. LGN accepts no liability for any accident, injury or incident to a guest however it may have been caused. LGN does all it can before an event to foresee any potential dangers or hazards and works in conjunction with the event location. LGN or the event location will provide health and safety information at the start of an event and client(s) are advised to listen to all instructions and directions provided by LGN staff and event location staff. However, due to the nature of event locations accidents can still happen. LGN recommends all client(s) if concerned have their own third party liability insurance. LGN has public liability insurance however not all event locations are covered due to being beyond normal public access areas.

LGN is not liable for any damage or loss of property including but not limited to, luggage, clothing, electronic equipment, vehicles or effect belonging to the client(s) before, during or after any event.

Parking will be indicated on the booking for the event, however if for any reason the event doesn't have onsite parking, LGN will not be liable for any vehicles that are damaged or receive parking fines or clamping.

LGN do not take any responsibility for any physical/mental damage, hurt or pain caused by any alleged spiritual or poltergeist activity during an event.

LGN hold all our events at event locations that have a history of historical hauntings and have a demonstrated history of hauntings by LGN or by other groups or tours. Due to the nature of hauntings it is impossible for LGN to guarantee any activity. Activity at event locations may be minimal but also can be severe and could lead to damage of possessions or injury. LGN accept no liability for any damage or injury that may arise from paranormal activity. LGN also accepts no responsibility for minimal or no paranormal activity at any of our event locations.

LGN often provide mediums and/or paranormal guests at the event locations. We take every measure we can to ensure they are reputable and responsible. However, the information provided by mediums/paranormal guests is offered as their own perspective and opinions. LGN state that the statements or information provided by mediums/paranormal guests are the sole opinions of the medium/paranormal guests and not an acceptance or reflection of LGN. All client(s) are responsible for making their own conclusions about what they experience according to their own beliefs.

LGN investigations are authentic and we want our client(s) to be as immersive as they want. LGN may offer the use of investigative equipment during events, at the sole discretion of LGN. Any client(s) using any equipment do so in the understanding that any misuse or abuse of the equipment will render the client(s) liable for any loss or damage incurred. If you don’t feel comfortable using the equipment or cannot agree to this condition, then we kindly ask you not to use the equipment.

The use of personal cameras and camcorders is allowed by LGN. However, some event locations may have restrictions on flash photography due to artefacts on display. LGN will advise on the evening if flash photography is permitted.

LGN may at times record events for promotional media including but not restricted to DVD sales, online media sales and marketing/promotions. This footage may be used in the public domain. Any client(s) uncomfortable with this should make a member of LGN staff aware at the event location.

LGN may at times stream events live via webcam directly from the event location. Client(s) booking a live event are in acceptance of this.

By booking with LGN you are agreeing that any footage caught is deemed for personal use only and not for public view. The ownership of the footage including audio and/or visual belongs solely to LGN.

If any client(s) at the event location do not wish to be filmed LGN reserves the right to ask client(s) to refrain from filming. Any event location footage must be approved by LGN in writing/email before any footage is released into the public domain including social media sites like Facebook, Twitter or personal websites. This is to ensure the privacy of client(s) and event locations are not compromised in anyway. Failure to comply with this may result in legal action being taken by LGN or the event location.

All event location prices are subject to change without notice. LGN reserves the rights to promote events/products via different sources. In some instances, prices on these offers may vary from the original price. Offers/sales/promotions will not be given, offered or honoured to client(s) who have already paid or purchased an event location prior to the commencement of these offers/sales/promotions or after such offers/sales/promotions expire.

By booking you are agreeing with the terms and conditions of LGN and you further indemnify LGN/LGN representatives/event promoters/event organisers/event locations from all legal liability in respect of any claims, damages, costs, penalties, actions, demands, proceedings, any kind of legal suit, losses or expenses in respect of or arising out of the injury or death of any person or persons or damage to any property arising from the client(s) participation and involvement in the event or activity or premises pertaining the event.

LGN terms and conditions are non-negotiable and your booking of an event is acceptance by you the client(s).  The booking of an event shall be considered as a binding agreement between LGN and the client(s). The conditions and any contract into which they are incorporated are subject to the law of England and Wales and the jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales.


Our aim at Lost Ghost Nights is for all our client(s) to enjoy the event, location, evening and to feel safe.

Disruptive client(s) can have an adverse effect on other members of the event and therefore we enforce a strict behaviour code which all client(s) adhere to when booking.

No behaviour will be tolerated that could cause harm, injury or damage to any other client(s) or LGN staff member(s) or any damage to any event or location property. This includes but is not limited to rude, intimidating, disruptive, aggressive or threatening behaviour that is to the detriment of other client(s)

Any client(s) or persons displaying any unreasonable behaviour will be immediately removed from the event and location regardless of weather conditions and/or travel arrangements and no refund will be given.

If any malicious damage, theft, harm or injury arises on an event either to a client(s) or the event location/staff or any member of LGN staff, LGN reserves the right to release client(s) details to the police, event location and/or insurance companies. Any such incident will be fully pursued by LGN through the local police force and relevant court(s).

We reserve the right to cancel an LGN event at any time for any reason at our discretion. Whilst we endeavour to sell every event, we may need to cancel an event if not enough client(s) have booked to make the event viable to operate. If LGN do have to cancel, we will tell you as soon as reasonably possible. We will offer you a full refund of the money paid to LGN for the cancelled event or move your booking to another event of your choice, if available (please note – any difference between the event costs will be refunded or additional costs will need to be paid for). We will have no other liability to you the client(s) including refunds for any hotel bookings, travel arrangements or other costs you the client(s) may have incurred in relation to any cancelled event(s).

It is your responsibility at the time of booking to ensure that you the client(s) are able to attend the event at the date and time specified. LGN cannot offer a refund or transfer your ticket(s) to another event if you the client(s) are unable to attend. All events we book are paid for in advance and LGN are fully liable for these costs. All payments are non-refundable and non-transferable. For this reason we advise that you take out a suitable insurance product to cover against unexpected costs such as cancellation fees.

Deposit payment options (where offered) will reserve your place(s) in the event and the balance must be paid 4 weeks prior to the event date, or the date specified on your invoice from LGN. We will not send reminders, it is the responsibility of the client(s) to ensure payment of the balance funds due. If the balance payment is not received by the due date, LGN reserves the right to resell the ticket(s) and retain any deposit(s) paid in full.

If the ticket(s) are paid in full, we are unable to re-sell the ticket(s) on the LGN website, however if you the client(s) have paid the full event ticket price you the client(s) are permitted to transfer the ticket(s) to a third party as long as you the client(s) provide LGN with their full details. We offer you the client(s) the chance to advertise your ticket for sale on the LGN Facebook page. However, all tickets must be offered at face value for the ticket price and they are strictly not to be sold on any other advertising site as doing so will be in breach of these terms and conditions and will render the ticket void. LGN accepts no liability for any third party transactions made and will not enter into any correspondence with either party. The third party agrees that upon providing their details and/or acceptance of the ticket and/or arrival at the event that they have accepted all LGN terms and conditions in full.