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Lost Ghost Nights - Meet the Team!

The team who will be looking after you on your night has a long and varied interest in the paranormal and a bio of each member is below. We are British Paranormal Association Verified and we have members who are active with Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena, the Society for Psychical Research as well a member who is on the UK Government approved National Register of Paranormal Investigators. We are verified by the British Paranormal Association, first aid trained and hold public liability insurance with a leading worldwide insurance company.




Chris ConwayChris Conway - Team Medium

We are delighted to announce our new partnership with TV medium and Sky Living TV resident medium, Chris Conway.

Chris is one of the most respected mediums in the UK. He has appeared on Sky TV, Sky Living TV, BBC and ITV. Chris has also appeared in UK tabloids and local TV as well as projects all over the world, including filming in Egypt.

He was resident medium on series 13 and 14 of Most Haunted as well as doing several Most Haunted live episodes being Most Haunted Live - The 8 faces of Evil, Most Haunted Live – The Silent Town and the ground breaking Most Haunted Live – The Series.

Chris will be joining us at various locations throughout the UK and guests will be able to meet him, chat, have photos and take part in vigils, ouija boards and séance's.

We will also be taking Chris back to some of the locations he has visited before whilst investigating on TV.

Chris's official site is here: http://chrisconwaymedium.com/index.html

You can follow Chris here on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ChrisC_Medium


 Craig - Paranormal Investigator

My name is Craig and I am the founder and owner of Lost Ghost Nights. I have been interested in the paranormal since around 9 years old when I used to stay at my Aunt's house which was allegedly haunted. My fascination grew after many strange occurrences whilst staying there.

My main interest is classic, historical hauntings. I have taken courses in Exorcism and Possession, Demonology and Parapsychology. In 2016 I became a Paranormal Investigator on the National Register of Professional Investigators which is approved to work with UK Government Agencies handling sensitive cases passed to local councils. I am also active in ASSAP and the SPR.

I have investigated haunted locations in the USA, Switzerland as well as dozens in the UK. I created Lost Ghost Nights to give the public a chance to access some of the most reported active locations in the UK in the hope that we experience paranormal activity together.

Ann Marie Slight Ann Marie - Team Leader

Ann Marie has been with Lost Ghost Nights since the start. She is our specialist in traditional methods and holds our Victorian Seances amongst others:

My name is Ann Marie I'm a part of Lost Ghost Nights team. I am a Paranormal Investigator and Medium. I have been interested in the paranormal from a little girl when I saw my first spirit and learning to communicate with them as I got older. I would like to develop more as medium by being part of the team and helping guests to experience paranormal activity whilst on investigations when spirits wish to join us on our night.

Our other team members have a long and varied history in investigating the paranormal and are fully trained in all our equipment.