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Lost Ghost Nights - About Us

Lost Ghost Nights are one the UK's leading Ghost Hunt and Ghost Investigation Events providers.

Our main goal is enabling public access to the most reputedly haunted locations the UK has to offer in order to provide exciting and authentic experiences for all enthusiasts of what may go BUMP in the night. We will be arranging evenings at historic and exclusive events so you, the public, can join us on an investigation!

We limit our events to approx. 15 - 20 people depending on location size, so you won't have huge teams and have a more personalised experience.

For the brave who want a small, raw, no-frills experience which is back to basics ghost hunting, we have our X-TREME events.

Our dynamic young (and not so young!) team of paranormal specialists and enthusiasts have investigated many locations in the UK, Europe and the USA alongside organising successful private and group events.

We are a very driven team that undergoes each investigation with the utmost of professionalism and integrity. Live audio/visual recording is present at all of our events for later scrutiny/review and also to ensure you have a night to remember! Nothing is staged, everything is real.

We are delighted to announce that we will be working with TV medium and former Most Haunted resident medium Chris Conway on our selected events. Chris is one of the most respected mediums in the UK and will be on hand for photos as well as taking part in the séance and ouija board sessions.

What do we offer that makes us special?

At Lost Ghost Nights we give you the rare opportunity to visit some of the UK’s most reputedly haunted private locations and attractions to experience first-hand a real-life ghost investigation for yourself. Also, you get the chance to investigate with the famous TV medium Chris Conway!

No part of events are staged or manipulated in any way. We do not employ nor condone ANY play acting, stunts, trickery or fakery.  

Everything you see is real – everything you hear is real – everything you feel is real.

Our investigations are conducted using some of the most advanced scientific equipment available in the field. Some of the equipment used is exclusive to Lost Ghost Nights and not available for private purchase in the UK. All participants can use any of our specialist equipment on the night to participate in group events. 

During our investigations, all guests will have the opportunity to be as immersive in all aspects of both historic and modern-day ghost hunting practices and techniques as they are comfortable with. Our guests and location partners are our priority and we aim to deliver 100% satisfaction in all aspects of our event hosting.

As all Lost Ghost Nights events are recorded with cameras and scientific equipment, all guests will have the opportunity to review any evidence caught on their Lost Ghost Nights event to share with friends or family. 

What to expect at your event?

Chris Conway (on selected events) or Michael and Ann Marie, our resident mediums will spend a vigil with each group and we will take part in experiments such as Ouija boards, séances, human pendulum, table tipping and divination. 

We will have a full array of equipment on site for guests to use including video and photo, Mel meters, K2 Metres, EVP recorders along with traditional experiments like Victorian séances.

The ticket price includes;
  • A walk around the building;
  • TV Medium and former Most Haunted Medium Chris Conway in attendance (on selected events) or Michael or Ann Marie our resident mediums and at selected events TV Historian Simon Entwistle;
  • Guided vigils with full access to the whole location including places normally closed to the public;
  • Full access to explore the amazing haunted locations;
  • Lone vigils in the most active locations;
  • Hot drinks, refreshments, snacks and sandwiches platters.