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Halloween Event Reviews

Thanks to all our guests who joined us at our special event on Halloween at the Black Bull in Haworth!

We received some amazing reviews and asked our guests to score us out of 10. We had 13 reviews from our guests and they scored us 127/130!

The reviews were:

10/10 In the school house, graveyard and Black Bull, it was full of messages and brilliant to use the equipment, fantastic location. Everything was spot on.

10/10 I loved how friendly everyone is. I loved using the equipment. The school house was brilliant, it was all brilliant. 

10/10 Everything was amazing.

10/10 The whole experience was great. Shame it wasn't longer. 

10/10 Diversity with plenty of different locations.

10/10 Everything was very good.

10/10 Excellent locations, the pub and graveyard were very active.

10/10 It was very fun, I really enjoyed my experience. I will definitely come back.

10/10 The food and I just thought the whole experience was amazing. It was great.

9/10 Excellent location.

8/10 Got a personal message. Good location.

10/10 Everything was great. Locations were great, the team were great, we had such a good night.

Thanks again to all our guests.

Dare you join us?

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  • Lisa Burton on

    Annisons funeral parlour 13th January 2017
    Amazing place, fantastic team, highly recommended,had a brilliant night

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